The house of echo is where I live;

Where the sound can travel; even in your head.

The house of echo has had many come through.

But the sounds still linger, attacking us even after years gone by.

Growing up in this echoing home;

Listening to every fight repeat and repeat.

I can hear them crying;

I can’t escape the sound.

Help me… me

I’m so scared of these sounds.

They will never let me be.

They linger closer and closer to my ear.

Whispering the sounds of her tears,

The house of echo will never let you forget what you heard.

Each year goes by, the sounds never stop, the screaming never ends, and the echo will carry on.

Until the very end.

Make it stop! Please make the fighting stop.

I can’t get away. No room will hide me from the shouts. No corner will shield me from the sounds.


Please… please… just stop this noise.


When random strangers tell my dad that I’m product of a good upbringing I just kind of laugh to myself. When random strangers tell me my parents must be proud of me I cry a little inside. You see people just assume because I’m caring and I do so much for people in need, that it’s because of how I…

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Girl sings like a man! (by hahaits)

.. wonder what it would look like if she got fat.. It’s beautiful now so DONT GET FAT.

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Hubert Blanz.

Fifth Face Nº 1, 2010. C-print, diasec on dibond, 117 x 135 cm.

Roadshow Nº 1, 2007.  C-print, diasec on aluminum, 80 x 120 cm.


"I enjoy Systems"

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Your story may not have such a happy beginning.. But that doesn’t make you who you are.

It is the rest of your story, It’s who you choose to be.